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Referred to as the “midwife of life coaching”, Coach Charlene has a passion for walking alongside women helping them to give birth to their dreams, goals, visions and ideas. She has over 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, coupled with 15 years of counseling individuals through career transitions, relationships, self-discovery, faith, goal-setting, and work-life balance. Long before she knew what coaching really was, Coach Charlene was coaching family members, friends, leaders, young people, and coworkers alike. When she was introduced to life coaching over 3 years ago, it literally changed her life and allowed her to birth some of her many life goals: start a nonprofit mentoring and coaching program for young ladies (The Potter’s P.E.A.R.L.S); become certified as a Professional Life and Leadership Coach; begin writing her first book; launch Life More Abundantly Coaching (LMAC).

7 Steps To Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Exercise Better sleep Dentist appointment Healthy Mouth Budgeting Savings Stretching Flexibility What kind of emotions do these words evoke for you? Do you know what these words have in common? (Free gift for the one who figured it out quickly!) […]

Never Stop Dreaming, Never Stop Becoming

Never Stop Dreaming! These were the words I heard right before I was jolted out of my sleep by my annoying alarm early one morning. I rushed to turn my phone alarm off and hurriedly texted these three words to […]

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