Meet Coach Charlene

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12 Interesting Facts About me:

Birthplace: Bronx, NY


Favorite Hobbies: Reading, writing, traveling and watching movies


Ideal job: To travel the world talking to young girls and women about health and wellness in every area of their lives based on a curriculum I created.


Things I collect: Journals, quotes and anything with hearts on them-pens, jewelry, cups, etc.


Favorite childhood cartoon: Gummi Bears! (“Bouncing here and there and everywhere…!”)


Talent I wish I had: Singing


Item on bucket list: To buy and restore a mansion to rent out for parties, weddings, corporate events and family gatherings


How I relax: Take me to any large body of water, especially in warm climates


Favorite time of year: Spring


Lifelong dream: Custom designing and building my own home with my husband and children


Places I would love to visit: Greece, Israel and Morocco


Favorite apps: Pinterest and Houzz

Charlene Jean- Pierre


 Meet Coach Charlene

Referred to as a “purpose midwife”, Coach Charlene has a passion for walking alongside women helping them to give birth to their dreams, goals, visions and ideas. She has over 14 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, coupled with 17 years of counseling individuals through career transitions, relationships, self-discovery, faith, goal-setting, and work-life balance. Long before she knew what coaching really was, Coach Charlene had been informally coaching family members, friends, leaders, young people, and coworkers alike since her late teens. When she was introduced to coaching while in graduate school, it literally changed her life and allowed her to birth some of her many life goals: start a nonprofit mentoring and coaching program for young ladies (The Potter’s P.E.A.R.L.S); become certified as a Professional Life and Leadership Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching; begin writing her first book; launch Life More Abundantly Coaching (LMAC).


Coach Charlene holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Emory University and dual Masters of Arts degrees in Practical Theology and Human Services Counseling from Regent University. She is also Certified as a Case Manager. Her background in counseling, healthcare, and theology provides her with the ability to apply practical knowledge from a biblical standpoint, extending her reach to others in an academic, professional or healthcare setting as well as other faith-based organizations. She uses a holistic approach that connects the mind with the body and spirit, helping to transition individuals from their current reality to achieve their life’s purpose. Utilizing her gifts of teaching, encouragement and compassion, she has an unmatched ability to relate to others on a spiritual, emotional, interpersonal and professional level, all while highlighting others’ natural untapped gifts and potential.



As a writer and blogger, Coach Charlene has written for several publications including P.E.A.S Magazine, Examiner, The Potter’s P.E.A.R.L.S.The Singles Wives Club and Gospel Talk Magazine. as well as her other blog, Lady in Waiting 222. She has also facilitated several workshops: “U”niquely You, Celebrating Your Natural Beauty, Women & Heart Disease, Sun- Kissed Marigolds’ A Girls’ Night Out: Accepting You Symposium and GiRL T.A.L.K. (Talking Authentically, Living Knowledgeably). Coach Charlene also has advanced knowledge and training in motivational and spiritual gifts, is certified as an Intelligent Behavior life coach and is a member of National Association of Professional Women and Professional Leaders of Women and Girls.

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