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We Offer 3 Main Services – Individual Group Coaching and Workshops 

Find the right solution for you!  COACHING PACKAGES—All coaching sessions are done via phone or Skype. Prepay in full for the total cost of any package below and receive an automatic 10% discount. **Each package has a minimum 3 month commitment requirement.

Bronze Package

  • (2) 55 minute power-intensive coaching sessions per month
  • Limited email access to coach (up to 2 times a month)
  • Tailored coaching exercises that are geared towards your individual success

Silver Package

  • (2) 60 minute power-intensive coaching sessions per month
  • (1) 5-7 minute On-the-Spot coaching call if needed within the term of the 3 month coaching package
  • Limited email access to coach (up to 3 times a month)
  • Tailored coaching exercises that are geared towards your individual success

Gold Package

  • (2) 60 minute power-intensive coaching sessions per month
  • (2) 10 Minute On-the-Spot coaching calls if needed within the term of the 3 month coaching package
  • Weekly email access to coach (up to 5 times a month)
  • A motivational gifts assessment
  • Tailored coaching exercises that are geared towards your individual success

Platinum Package

  • (2) Power-intensive 75 minute coaching sessions per month
  • (4) 10 minute On-the-Spot coaching calls if needed within the term of the 3 month coaching package
  • Unlimited email access to coach
  • A motivational gifts assessment 
  • One empowerment call from the coach once a month
  • Personalized gift
  • Weekly inspirational text/email message from coach
  • Tailored coaching exercises that are geared towards your individual success

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 Ask about our group coaching packages (Prices vary and are tailored to the group’s needs)

REFUND POLICY: Satisfaction is important to us.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund of any unused sessions. 

PRIVACY POLICY:  LMAC takes privacy very seriously.  We will not sell or give personal information to a third party for the purposes of solicitation.

WE LOVE REFERRALS! Ask about how to receive a free coaching session.


BECOMING THE AUTHENTIC YOU: Masquerade time is over!
Ladies, it’s time to remove the masks! Stop hiding behind the masks of who society, culture, family, friends and even self have placed on you with or without your permission. Through a series of “Let’s Get Real” exercises, we will unearth those things that have kept us from becoming our authentic self, doing what we were called to do and living the more abundant life. We will also develop some practical steps to help remove our masks and reveal our true selves.
Remember those dreams you had as a child? Life happened and jobs, bills, family issues, relationships, etc. caused you to put those dreams on the back burner or give them up completely. Through a series of interactive exercises, we will explore those dreams again as well as new dreams and visions. Through powerful resources and practical tools, we will help you breathe life into those dreams again and turn them into S.M.A.R.T. goals so they will become your reality! The sky is the limit, the possibilities are endless and the miracles are extraordinary! Let’s DREAM again.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Who says you can’t get glammed and set goals at the same time? Ladies, grab your pumps, purses and your pens. Let’s get to work writing, rewriting and reclaiming our goals and dreams while taking advantage of some  beauty and self-care tips. Let’s be beautiful and S.M.A.R.T.!
The key to really living lies in the answer to the questions: “WHO” and “WHY”. This workshop will help you to begin looking at how your past experiences, background, skills, abilities and gifts along with other life purpose clues have helped to shape the person who you are today and point you in the direction of your life purpose. (Can be done in conjunction with “What’s In You” workshop)  
You have been given gifts the moment you were created-talents, natural abilities/inclinations and personality-that were meant to be shared with others. Through the use of several interactive exercises, you will learn about the 7 motivational gifts, learn your top three motivational gifts and how these gifts function in your own life as well as how you can begin sharing them with others.


As a workshop facilitator, writer, speaker and upcoming author, Coach Charlene is available to speak to your group, church, organization and/or business on the following topics:


  • Body Image and Self-esteem
  • Christian Faith & Prayer
  • Core Values
  • Goal setting
  • Healthy lifestyles: Physically, Emotionally and Financially
  • Healthy relationships
  • Life Purpose and Gifting
  • Mentoring
  • Natural Beauty: Flowing from the inside out
  • Teen Health
  • “U”niquely You
  • Women’s Health
  • To Book Coach Charlene to speak or facilitate a workshop at your event, complete the form below. If you find that you are having trouble with the form, please email this information to and someone will respond within 2-3 business days.

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