Is 2017 Ready For You? 3 Things You Need to KNOW This Year

Happy 2017 friends!

We are 7 days into the new year and I hope you are ready to grab 2017 by the horns.  Many people have asked me if I am ready for this year, to which I respond, “The question is, ‘Is 2017 ready for me?!'”

Do you feel that way? you committed to any resolutions?

Are you encouraged by the newness the year usually brings?

I certainly am, especially after a conversation I had recently with a coaching client where I was challenged, encouraged and empowered to Be More, Do More and Live More in my personal life, business and in my relationships.

I  want to do the same for you–to challenge, encourage and empower you so that you, too, can say this year wasn’t ready for you. I want 2017 to be your best year yet. (You can thank me later!)

As you are thinking through your goals, resolutions or commitments for 2017, consider this:

The three basic categories of relationships are your relationship with God, with yourself and with others.

KNOW GOD (Your Relationship with God)

Meet my former client, **Esther. As I chatted with her, she revealed to me that something was missing in her life prior to coaching. It wasn’t until she began to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and know Him more for herself that she began to see her life in a different light. If you know Him already, get to KNOW Him even more and deepen your relationship with Him this year. It will impact your other two categories of relationships in a positive way.

KNOW YOU (Your Relationship with Yourself)

Do you know what your gifts are? Do you know the things that you are passionate about?  How would you describe your personality? What do you know about you? **Esther stated she once felt lost, but as she began to know God more, she realized that what she was looking for to fulfill her life found her. This year, commit to knowing who you are even more as well as the person you are becoming, which is directly tied to your relationship with God. The more you get to know Him, the more you will naturally began to learn more about yourself and the woman of God He has created you to be–the true authentic you.

KNOW PURPOSE (Your Relationship with Others)

Are you clear about what you were called to DO on this earth?  Are you working on and walking in that purpose? Do you know the people and needs you were called to serve?  Where are you in this process? Prior to knowing God more and knowing more about herself, i.e. her identity, **Esther didn’t really have a desire or willingness to figure out her purpose.  She admitted that what fueled this desire was connected to knowing God and knowing herself more. Commit to knowing more about your purpose and/or the steps you need to take to get more clarity around your purpose or begin walking it out. Someone is waiting on you! (If you need help with this, schedule a free Purpose strategy or Purpose clarity coaching session.)

Cheers to your best year yet in 2017!





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