Jump in June: 3 Reasons To Take Action NOW To Live Your Life On Purpose

Summer is almost here! Woohoo!

If you’re like me, you are probably more than ready for some more sunny days and breezy nights, an opportunity to take some vacations with loved ones and to knock out those goals you set in January.

 “Eh…what goals? What say you?!”, you may be saying.

You know those goals you committed to at the beginning of 2017:

To lose weight

To start reading more

To meet more people

To finish that book

To conquer your fear

To update your resume

To step outside of your comfort zone

To start pursuing your purpose

Did I come down your street yet?


What have you already accomplished in these last 5 months?

How have you spent the last 158 days you have been blessed to live?

What about those goals you had written down (or recorded mentally in your head) that you wanted to accomplish in the first 90 or 180 days of this year?  

Are you any closer to them than you were when January 1st rolled around?

How did you invest the last 3,792 hours (227,520 minutes) you have been given?

When broken down like that, it seems like a lot of time, right?

Perhaps you have spent some of this precious time, investing it wisely and are now seeing the fruit of your labor and investment. If so, you go girl!

If not, don’t worry, I want to help you maximize the remaining 7 months you have left in this year so the time is not wasted. 

It’s found in one word:


Yup, that’s right.

Take that leap of faith.

Just get started…like right now.

Before the excuses start surfacing, let me cancel a few for you. (Haha, you’re welcome!)

Excuse #1:

You’re not sure what to do.

Are you thinking this because you really don’t know or are you just using this as an excuse so you don’t take the first step?

Excuse #2: 

It’s too hard.

The hardest step is ALWAYS the first step. So do the hard thing first anyway.

Excuse #3: 

It’s too risky. What if I fail? I am not good enough (or any of those combinations).

Refer here where I address this further.

3 reasons to take action now and Jump in June:

Reason #1:

Someone (or a group of people) is waiting on you to jump. The longer you “waste” time worrying, trying to figure everything out, procrastinating, using excuses, pondering, playing out worst case scenarios in your head, etc., the longer the people you are called to serve have to wait. You already have everything inside of you that is needed to jump.


Reason #2:

There are no easy roads or paths to take when you jump. If you are looking for a smooth path, free of bumps in the road, no trials, setbacks, obstacles, hills, or valleys, it probably won’t lead you to where you are supposed to be. On the less traveled, more difficult road, is where you develop your character, strengthen your faith, and build up your grit to face the challenges ahead. Life is going to happen.  Resolve this fact in your mind and get going anyway!


Reason #3:

The moment or right time is when you decide to step out and do what you were called to DO. Stop waiting for the perfect moment and go after your dreams, your purpose, your goals, that vision God gave you right NOW. You create it when you decide to step out and Be who you were created to be and Do what you have been called to do on this earth.


This comes with a lot of risk, discomfort and inconveniences. Never be content to settle for what is safe. Instead, jump and trust that you won’t regret it. You may discover you always had the wings to soar like an eagle.

Be sure to grab your action worksheet and ‘Let’s Jump in June!”

***Full disclaimer: I am right in the middle of a huge Jump in my own life.  Come back soon to hear more about my journey!

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