Spring Cleaning Action: 3 Things That Will Help You Continue To Spring Forward in Purpose

Can you believe that we are officially 13 days away from Spring? I am beyond excited, even if the weather doesn’t show it just yet!

So excited I could jump in the air while clicking my heels to the right! Lol.

There is something about the thought of something new on the horizon that can cause a shift in one’s mindset.

Spring happens to be my favorite season. It brings to mind new beginnings, life, growth and beauty.http://www.lifecoachcharlene.com/uncategorized/spring-cleaning-action-3-things-that-will-help-you-continue-to-spring-forward-in-purpose

This season is often a time where people do what is called spring cleaning, “a thorough cleaning of a house or room, including parts you do not often clean” (Cambridge Dictionary). You may go through your house taking inventory of what you have, what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of along with a deep cleaning of what may not have been touched in awhile.

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.’ I would say the third most important day would be removing anything that may be distracting/hindering you from pursuing your purpose fully and then, organizing and prioritizing your commitments and values to align with that purpose.

On this journey to purpose, as you assess where you currently are, re-evaluate and/or reset some things, you may find that you need to first do some spring cleaning as well. This process is where you:

-Take inventory of where you are as it relates to your purpose

-Consider some things you may need to get rid of that may be holding you back from pursuing your purpose

-Do some thorough cleaning up of some areas in your life that may not have been touched in awhile that could be affecting you from moving forward.


Within this process, it is critical for you to also engage in some decluttering.

As I have been in the process of decluttering my house for the last 7 months, (yes I know, that’s a long time!), I realized that decluttering has two parts: to “remove unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place” (English Oxford Dictionary) and to “organize and/or prioritize one’s commitments” (Dictionary.com).

Here are some things to consider and some actions steps you can take today as you begin:

Cleaning out the clutter

1. Remove

What are the things that are unnecessary (no longer serve a purpose in helping me move forward in my life or may be distracting me) that I need to remove or eliminate? This can be a habit, relationship or a mindset. (Consider your physical space as well as the space in your head.)

For example, a mindset could be one that is keeping me from reaching out to someone who I know could help me as I am pursuing my purpose. A habit could be procrastination on doing some research to find out more about something that could help me with my purpose. 

2.  Organize

What are the top 3 priorities of my life right now, i.e. the things/people that matter the most to me?

3.  Prioritize

How can I prioritize these top 3 things/people I listed in #2 THIS week? Have I made a commitment in my schedule to these priorities? Does my calendar reflect that?

To help with this process, I have included a free gift full of some more actions steps you can take today. (Check it out below as well.)

http://www.lifecoachcharlene.com/uncategorized/spring-cleaning-action-3-things-that-will-help-you-continue-to-spring-forward-in-purposeIn just 5 days (or based on when you may read this and where you are in the world), some will be springing forward, which means more hours of sunlight. Although we do lose an hour, it can also mean more hours of daylight to commit to pursuing our purpose.

Invest in some spring cleaning today so you can be successful at springing forward tomorrow and into your purpose!


Here’s to you Becoming More, Doing More and Living More!


P.S. Check out some of my own results of decluttering.


This bin was filled to the brim with old bills, papers and statements dated over 15 years back



This is my trunk full of 8 bags of clothes and other things going to Goodwill.

Photo credit: CJP, Wordswag

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