The Day After My Jump: 3 Things I Learned While Walking In My Purpose

Let me start out by clearing up any confusion.

No I did NOT jump off a building, out of a plane or off a cliff.

(Personally, I would not even consider doing any of those 3!)

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, if you need to catch up on what I mean by jumping, be sure to read here first.

So, on to the grand news….

(drum roll please)

My jump, which was another piece of the puzzle in my purpose, was that I packed up the last 8 years of my life in Maryland into my 2005 Honda Accord and moved almost 1300 miles across the country to Houston, TX, where I knew literally, one person and had no close family or friends nearby. Talk about being outside of my comfort zone!

Why Texas?

Honestly, it had been on my heart for the last almost 7 years and I figured if I didn’t jump now, i.e. take a leap of faith, then I was never going to do it.

Since the day after my decision to jump, I: 

  • Gave almost everything in my apartment away
  • Had a mini road trip with my oldest sister (and a much needed bonding time for both of us)
  • Traveled through 6 different states, two of which I had never visited
  • Visited to 2 more cities in one weekend in the last month
  • Visited the Tennessee aquarium, which I have wanted to see for several years now
  • Experienced my first hurricane (Harvey and thankfully, I was not affected.)
  • Helped a friend with gathering resources and supplies to help some of those affected by Harvey
  • Interviewed a young woman who was affected by Harvey and will be sharing her testimony soon
  • Have been writing extensively (more to come soon!)
  • Joined a new church
  • Had the opportunity to see one of my closest friends marry her best friend.
  • Changed my brand colors

And that was just a snippet in the last 90 days!

Although it has been an unknown and slightly scary journey, it has also been adventurous, filled with lots of mountain moving faith, risk-taking, dependence on the Lord, prayers and…freedom.

And I would do it all over again.

But enough about me.

How are you?

How did your Jump go? Did you download your worksheet to get you going?

Don’t worry. You still have 85 more days to do something that will make your 2018 even better. (Read through to the end of this post to find out how I am going to help you.)

Honestly, as I started out typing this post, I had such grand plans of all these great tips I wanted to share with you about this Jump Journey.

Things that could help you continue discovering, clarifying or creating a strategy to walking in your purpose.

But as I began typing, I felt the need to just encourage you today with 3 things I have learned while walking in my purpose. 

Perhaps you have gone through or are currently experiencing a major storm, are in the midst of a major transition and your life has been completely turned upside down.

Or you could be on the other end, winning in many areas of your life, whether emotionally, vocationally, spiritually or relationally.

You might even find yourself somewhere in between and wondering, “What’s Next?

Wherever you are, I want you to know and continue to repeat these three statements to yourself:

1) You don’t have to be visible to be valuable. (paraphrased from Steven Furtick)

2) You are enough.

3) Nothing (No thing) in your life is wasted.

Go ahead.

Repeat them again out loud and make it personal to you. Faith comes by hearing.

In light of all that has been going on in our world over these last several months, you need to know this. Take a picture of it or write it down somewhere and remind yourself of it often.

How you see yourself and what you believe about yourself is crucial to living fully in your purpose.

No matter where you are in your purpose journey, these 3 things are crucial to making sure you continue moving forward in your purpose.

You owe it to yourself and to those you are called to serve or have already been serving to be your best self.


NOW on to the awesome part!

For the last several months, I have talked to you about:


All of this means nothing if you are not going to practically and intentionally take some steps in the direction of your purpose.

In order to help you take those steps, for the remainder of the year, I want to really delve in and talk to you a little bit more about purpose, specifically yours, as well as help you to discover what your purpose is, gain clarity around it and/or help you to create a strategy to begin walking it out.

I am starting Bi-monthly chats on Facebook Live within our closed In Pursuit of Purpose group where I will coach you in one of the above areas. If you don’t have Facebook, I am going to also upload the video on my Youtube channel so you can still watch it and leave your questions or comments there. I don’t want there to be any barriers that would prevent you from taking action.

During the chat, I will be answering any questions you have around purpose as we go through A Quick Guide To Discover Your Purpose together more in depth.

I am committed to helping you live your life more abundantly, doing the things you were called to do, and becoming the woman you were created to be.

My mission is to help you fulfill yours.

Imagine what the world would be and look like if everyone was doing what they were made to do on this earth.

Close your eyes and picture that for a minute.

Then include yourself in that picture.

Woman of Purpose, remember when you win, I win! Let’s leave this year with a bang and prepare to set 2018 and the world ablaze.

Click here to join our bi-monthly chats today!

Talk soon.

Here’s to you Becoming More, Doing More and Living More!

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Referred to as the “midwife of life coaching”, Coach Charlene has a passion for walking alongside women helping them to give birth to their dreams, goals, visions and ideas. She has over 13 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, coupled with 15 years of counseling individuals through career transitions, relationships, self-discovery, faith, goal-setting, and work-life balance. Long before she knew what coaching really was, Coach Charlene was coaching family members, friends, leaders, young people, and coworkers alike. When she was introduced to life coaching over 3 years ago, it literally changed her life and allowed her to birth some of her many life goals: start a nonprofit mentoring and coaching program for young ladies (The Potter’s P.E.A.R.L.S); become certified as a Professional Life and Leadership Coach; begin writing her first book; launch Life More Abundantly Coaching (LMAC).

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  • Adassa
    10 months ago · Reply

    Now I know I wasn’t the only scared one …. making this bold move in my ‘golden’ years. A leap of faith is necessary in fulfilling one’s purpose!

    • 10 months ago · Reply

      Lol yes you’re right Mommy! You were even bolder! It maybe where I get it from…😉. Thank you for reading.

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