About P.R.A.Y.

Why did you write P.R.A.Y.?

The Lord gave me the book title and the chapter names 7 years ago. It was one morning, two weeks after I had turned in my resignation letter at my job as a school nurse and had no other job lined up. I wanted to share a part of my story, particularly the struggles and triumphs, as well as all that was going on (and would happen) in my life when I finally said, 'Yes'to the Lord to truly start walking in my purpose. People often see the end result and success, but never know what happened in between. It was also important for me to show people that in the midst of all that you will face on your purpose journey, there is hope and it is extremely rewarding when you decide to partner with God in the process.

Is this a book on prayer?

No!  When I first received the title from the Lord, I thought it was going to be on prayer, but I was sadly mistaken. The Lord had other plans! I do talk about prayer in the book and I share a lot of my intimate prayers to the Lord, but this book covers so much more than that. P.R.A.Y.ing is an important part in the purpose journey though!


What topics are covered in the book?

I address it all! Just to name a few, I cover: depression, broken relationships, dating, singleness, illness, ministry challenges and burnout, purpose, unforgiveness, boundaries, doubt, fear, faith, finances, religionship vs. relationship, healing, and church hurt.

Find snippets from a couple chapters of P.R.A.Y. here.

What are your hopes for the reader?

My prayer is that everyone who reads the book will feel encouraged, convicted, challenged, empowered and then bold enough to step out into their purpose, if they already know it. My hope for the readers who desire to know their purpose will have the push they need to start the process to find out who they were created to be and what they were called to do on this earth. For those who have stepped out and are walking in their purpose or have an idea of what they were called to do, but have gotten stuck or become discouraged, my hope is that their passion and fire will be reignited and that they will continue taking steps forward again in obedience.

Are you planning to write more books?

Absolutely! I already have the title and topics for my next book. I believe this next book will also be a great resource for anyone who has faced challenges in life and needs some tools to keep pushing forward in spite of them. I am excited about this next project!