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1-on-1 coaching

Do you need help discovering, clarifying or creating a strategy to help you begin walking fully and boldly in your purpose? Are you unsure about what may be holding you back from stepping out into the things you know you are called to do? Through one on one power-intensive coaching sessions via phone or video, we create custom exercises that are geared towards your individual success to become the woman you were created to be, do the things you were called to do and live the more abundant life you were already destined to live. 


In pursuit of purpose coaching program

We thrive in a supportive and encouraging community and can get a lot more accomplished when we are among like-minded individuals who share similar goals and interests. Our In Pursuit of Purpose group coaching program is designed to take a group of women from discovering their purpose to clarifying it, and then developing a strategy to walk boldly in their purpose. 

P.r.A.Y. Accountability Group

Tired of creating goals every year and then ending the year having accomplished nothing? Are you ready to be more productive, conquer time management, master a negative mindset, crush your goals this year and live an abundant life that you love? This group is designed to help you create a strategy and action plan to make sure you stay committed to yourself and your goals this year, in a supportive, encouraging environment of like-minded women.