...One morning, at the age of 25, I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the young woman staring back at me.

I had no idea who she was…

On paper, I was a young, college-educated woman, who had become a registered nurse by the age of 21 and a homeowner a year later. I was independent, traveling whenever I wanted, surrounded by a great circle of friends and growing in my faith.

I was out here living my best life by society’s standards.

But deep inside...I was so miserable, frustrated, discontented, purposeless and deeply depressed.

Successful by the world's standards, but unfulfilled internally. 

I was simply existing, working to pay bills, but not really living.

I knew there was more to my life then my current reality.

Thus began my journey to finding out who this woman in the mirror really was, the one God had truly created her to BE.

Once I began to uncover who I was really created to BE and the purpose(s) for which God called me to, my life mission has been committed to helping other women like you do the same.

This is my WHY.

And I want to help you!