Have You: 

  • Been walking around wondering what you are supposed to be doing on this earth and feeling stuck, stagnant and trapped in your current state?

  • Chosen a career that is now draining, frustrating or making you unhappy? Do you feel purposeless and unfulfilled?

  • Been feeling disconnected or distant from the Lord or others? Do you long to deepen your relationship with Him and reignite the fire in your faith?

  • Been really living or merely existing? Do you believe there is MORE to your life, but just aren’t sure how to tap into it?

Sis, I can relate!


Hey there, Woman of Purpose!

I'm Charlene, the vessel behind Life More Abundantly Coaching.

As a Life Purpose & Strategy Coach, I help women in transition who feel disconnected, purposeless, stagnant and unfulfilled reconnect with God and the woman she was created to BE so that she can begin doing the things she was called to DO and LIVE the more abundant life she was already destined to live.


...One morning, at the age of 25, I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the young woman staring back at me.

I had no idea who she was…

On paper, I was a young, college-educated woman, who had become a registered nurse by the age of 21 and a homeowner a year later. I was independent, traveling whenever I wanted, surrounded by a great circle of friends and growing in my faith.

I was out here living my best life by society’s standards.

But deep inside...I was so miserable, frustrated, discontented, purposeless and deeply depressed.

Successful by the world's standards, but unfulfilled internally. 

I was simply existing, working to pay bills, but not really living.

Just like me, I know there is more to your life than your current reality.

Just like me, you desire to really know who the woman staring back at you in the mirror is—the one God truly created her to BE.

When I discovered who that woman was for myself, I knew my purpose. My life mission is committed to helping other women like you do the same.

This is my WHY.


Coaching, Workshops, Courses

Whether you're ready for coaching, interested in an online course to maximize your journey to becoming that woman you were created to BE, or would prefer to attend a workshop, as your Life Purpose & Strategy coach, I am here to serve you.


Imagine what our world would look like if YOU and more women like you were truly walking BOLDLY and FEARLESSLY in their purpose and sharing their gifts with the world?!

Faith, Purpose and Relationship Tools and Resources

Find resources and tools (worksheets, mini eBooks, workbooks) to help you practically live your life more abundantly in the areas of Faith, Purpose and Relationships.


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What really Happens When You P.R.A.Y.?

We become dangerous when we know who we are... a potential threat to the kingdom of darkness, when we DARE to step out into our destiny and purpose, despite all odds, and succeed.

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