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1-on-1 coaching

Do you need help discovering, clarifying or creating a strategy to help you begin walking fully and boldly in your purpose? Are you unsure about what may be holding you back from stepping out into the things you know you are called to do? Through one on one power-intensive coaching sessions via phone or video, we create custom exercises that are geared towards your individual success to become the woman you were created to be, do the things you were called to do and live the more abundant life you were already destined to live. 


In pursuit of purpose coaching program

We thrive in a supportive and encouraging community and can get a lot more accomplished when we are among like-minded individuals who share similar goals and interests. Our In Pursuit of Purpose group coaching program is designed to take a group of women from discovering their purpose to clarifying it, and then developing a strategy to walk boldly in their purpose. 

P.r.A.Y. Accountability Group

Tired of creating goals every year and then ending the year having accomplished nothing? Are you ready to be more productive, conquer time management, master a negative mindset, crush your goals this year and live an abundant life that you love? This group is designed to help you create a strategy and action plan to make sure you stay committed to yourself and your goals this year, in a supportive, encouraging environment of like-minded women.

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designed on purpose

In this fun, highly interactive workshop. You will learn about the 7 motivational gifts, your top three motivational gifts and how these gifts function in your own life as well as how you can begin sharing them with others. This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Find a career path that is fulfilling

  • Navigate and resolve conflict within organizations and relationships

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Discover why you think and act the way you do

  • Understand how you were uniquely designed

  • Learn more about yourself and others

Masquerade Time Is Over graphic.png

masquerade time is over: Becoming The authentic you

Ladies, it's time to remove the masks! Through a series of "Let's Get Real" exercises, we unearth those things that have kept us from becoming our most authentic self, doing what we were called to do and living the more abundant life. We will also develop some practical steps to help remove our masks and reveal our true selves.

Glam and Goals workshop graphic.png

glam and goals

Ladies, grab your purses, pumps and pens! Let's get to work writing, rewriting, reclaiming our goals and dreams, while taking advantage of some beauty and stewardship care tips. Let's be beautiful, healthy and S.M.A.R.T.!

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Sitting At His Feet Online Bible study

To become the woman of God He has created you to BE and to serve better, you must spend time in His presence and sit at His feet. Join other women around the world as we sit before the Lord in His Word first so we can serve Him better. 

7 Day P.R.A.Y. Challenge website graphic.png

7 Day P.R.A.Y. Challenge

Find out what it really means to Pursue Righteousness And Yield, the proper posture to P.R.A.Y., God’s process, positioning and preparation and the 4Cs that have kept you from accomplishing your goals.

Discovering, Defining and Diving In website graphic.png

Discovering, Defining and Diving In: 28 Days of Focused prayer for Stepping into Purpose

This course is designed as a launching pad for those who desire to walk boldly and fearlessly in their purpose and are ready to take the first step or start again. Filled with prayer prompts, interactive worksheets, an eBook, short audio clips for each of the 28 days, scripture verses, P.R.A.Y. cards and a supportive, private community of like-minded women to encourage you as you listen the Father's voice on your purpose journey.


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